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Peck's Books

George W. Peck authored a number of books between 1871 and the early 1900's. Books featuring Peck's Bad Boy as well as humorous books without the Bad Boy comprise almost all of his work. A couple of his non fiction books are included in this list as well. His comics can be found in another section.

Melville D. Landon (1839-1910) edited a number of books that have contributions from George W. Peck as well as other humorists and writers of the era. Landon and others edited large multi authored volumes of humorist writings.

These books are listed below.

Chronological List by publication date:

  Adventures of One Terence McGrant A Brevet Irish Cousin of President Ulysses S. Grant - 1871
  Peck's Fun - 1879
  Peck's Sunshine - 1882
  Peck's Bad Boy and His Pa - 1883
  Peck's Bad Boy, No. 2: The Grocery Man and Peck's Bad Boy
  Peck's Compendium of Fun. Mirth for the Million - 1883
  Peck's Boss Book - 1884
  Will He Marry Her - 1885
  Peck's Fun - 1886 (Compiled by Thomas Handford)
  How Private Geo. W. Peck Put Down the Rebellion - 1887
  Peck's Irish Friend, Phelan Geoheagan - 1887
  The Prohibition Question - 1890
  Message of George Peck - 1891
  Peck's Uncle Ike and the Red Headed Boy - 1899
  Sunbeams: Humor, Sarcasm and Sense - 1900
  Peck's Red-Headed Boy - 1901
  Peck's Bad Boy Abroad - 1904
  Peck's Bad Boy with the Circus - 1906
  Wisconsin: Comprising Sketches of Counties, Towns, Events, Institutions, and Persons - 1906
  Peck's Bad Boy with the Cowboys - 1907
  Peck's Bad Boy in an Airship - 1908
  Jackie Cooper in Peck's Bad Boy by Charles T. Clinton - 1934
  Peck's Bad Boy with the Circus by Leonora de Lima Andrews - 1939

Foreign Language Books:

  Der Bose Bub und Sein Papa - 1925

Melville Landon books with a Peck contribution:

  Wit and Humor of the Age - 1883
  Hot Stuff by Funny Men - ca. 1899
  Comical Hits by Famous Wits - ca. 1900
  The Library of Wit and Humor - 1901
  Kings of the Platform and Pulpit - 1890
  American Lecturers and Humorists - 1906
  Masters of Mirth (and Eloquence)

Peck contributions in non-Melville Landon books:

  Masterpieces of Wit and Humor edited by Robert Burdette - 1903
  Gems of Modern Wit and Humor edited by Robert J. Burdette - 1903
  Three of a Kind 1890
  American Wit and Humor - 1883
  American Wit and Humor (Joel Chandler Harris) 1907
  (Little) Masterpieces of American Wit and Humor, Edited by T. Lansing Masson - 1903
  Wisconsin Authors and Their Works
  Tattlings of a Retired Politician by Forrest Crissey
  Burdett's Seriocomic Recitations and Readings edited by James S. Burdett 1887


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