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Jackie Cooper in Peck's Bad Boy - 1934 by Charles Clinton

Jackie Cooper in Peck's Bad Boy is a 1934 photoplay book adapted from the Peck movie starring Jackie Cooper. It was written by Charles T. Clinton. Most pages of text have a picture (photo in this case) opposing them. This little 5 x 4.5 book has 160 pages. It was published by The Saalfield Publishing Company.

Saalfield called these little books "Little Big Books". This distinguished them from the Whitman "Big Little Books". Saalfield published them between 1934 and the early 1940's. They were published in both softcover and hardcover.

The softcover version was priced at 10 cents. It has the Saalfield identifying number 1314. The hardcover book was 15 cents and is number 1084.

Both books have identical text. They are shown below.


Hardcover 1934 format


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