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Hot Stuff by Famous Funny Men

This title was published by four Chicago firms. Geo M. Hill and Company (1899-1900), Madison Book Co. (1902-1903), Reilly and Britton Co. (the successor to the Madison Book Company) and Reilly and Lee and Co.

The Geo. M. Hill edition has 774 pages and the text is identical to the earlier Wit and Humor of the Age.

The Madison Book Co. title has not been seen. I believe it was published in 1903.

The later Reilly and Britton and Reilly and Lee editions are reprints of the first 546 pages of "Wit and Humor of the Age".

The Geo. M. Hill and Co. book has eight Peck vignettes whereas the later reprints include only five short vignettes by George W. Peck. See below.

Robert W. Patton held the copyright as of 1901. I do not know what his relationship is to this title.

The Reilly and Britton book was published in 1904 and the Reilly and Lee starting in 1919.

Geo. M. Hill and Co.


Reilly and Britton Co.


Reilly and Lee Co. Title Page

Here are the George W. Peck vignettes that are included in this volume.



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