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Peck's Bad Boy with the Cowboys (1907)

The first book edition was published in 1907 by Thompson and Thomas, a Chicago publishing house. Joseph Bowles had previously published some of the material in newspaper comics and comic book form in 1905/1906. Thus the original non book copyright was held by Bowles in 1905/1906.

This book was published by five different publishers. For more about the publishers click on their names.

Thompson and Thomas
Charles C. Thompson Company
Stanton and Van Vliet Company
John R. Stanton Company
David McKay Company

Thompson and Thomas published three hard cover editions and a publication in wraps.

First edition 1907 (8.5 x 5.75)


First edition 1907 Red cover variant (scarce)


1908-1909 era. This book is much scarcer than the first edition.

The third format of this publisher is the same as the book below except that the line drawn cover picture is different. Probably published in about 1909.

This publisher's book in wraps is identical to the copy published by Charles C. Thompson which is shown here.

Charles C. Thompson Company, Chicago. 1909-1913
This publisher printed this title in one hard cover format and one formats in wraps.

This is this title in wraps.

Charles C. Thompson Co./ Stanton and Van Vliet Transition Copy
Stanton and Van Vliet Co. succeeded The Charles C. Thompson Co. in 1917. Here is a transition copy with The Charles C. Thompson Co. imprint on the title page and Stanton and Van Vliet on the bottom of the spine. Note that the line drawn picture on the front cover and the decoration on the spine is similar to that seen on the earlier Charles C. Thompson book. The internal text is identical to the Stanton and Van Vliet issue.

The later Stanton and Van Vliet editions (1922 and later) state Made in U. S. A. on the copyright page. This book was published in the 1917-1918 range and the Made in the USA is not present.

Stanton and Van Vliet Company, Chicago (1917-1920's)
This company published this title in one hardcover and one paperback format. A representative cover (except for the title) is shown for this book.

The earlier Stanton and Van Vliet books in wraps/ hardcover can be distinguished from the later book in wraps/hardcover. The later ones say Made in U.S.A. on the copyright page.


Post 1922 edition

John R. Stanton Company (1920's)
This publishing house published this title in one wraps' format and one hardcover format. The formats are identical to the Stanton and Van Vliet Company books just above.

David McKay Company, New York (ca. 1929)
McKay only published this title in one hardcover format. Interestingly McKay used the Stanton and Van Vliet dust jackets.

The Stanton and Van Vliet name is on the base of the spine and on the ads on the back of the jacket. The book cover is slightly different from the Stanton and Van Vliet books however and McKay is at the base of the spine.


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