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Peck's Bad Boy Abroad

The first book edition of this title was published by Thompson and Thomas in 1905. Prior to that however, Peck's Bad Boy Abroad was published in serialized form in numerous newspapers throughout the country. Newspapers carried the story between 1904 and 1905. Apparently it was copyrighted and distributed by Joseph B. Bowles who ran the Bowles Syndicate Company from his office in Chicago.

Each week a newspaper would print what eventually would be a chapter in the book. Not all of the chapters in the book were serialized in newspapers and the chapters in the newspaper versions were not necessarily published in the same as order as the chapters in the book. A few of the newspaper columns appeared in the book and a number of the chapters in the book were never part of the newspaper serialization. Not all of the newspapers began the publication of Peck's Bad Boy Abroad at the same time.

The first printings were in September,1904 and those newspapers began with book Chapter 34 (out of 38 chapters). The newspapers printed illustrations for each chapter all of which ended up in the book although many of the book pictures were never included in the newspaper versions.

Here is an ad from the September 23, 1904 Washington Post:

The Pittburgh Sunday Press advertised The upcoming Peck story in these ads.

Illustrations were done by E. S. Groesbeck and R. W. Taylor. There are 118 line drawn pictures by these artists in the 471 page first edition. Later editions have fewer illustrations because the books have fewer pages. There are also seven glossy pictures, mostly done by Groesback, but some without attribution, which only appear in the first editions.

This book was published by five different publishers. For more about the publishers click on their names.

Thompson and Thomas
Charles C. Thomas Company
Stanton and Van Vliet Company
John R. Stanton Company
David McKay Company

Thompson and Thomas, Chicago (1905-1909)
Thompson and Thomas published two known hard cover editions and an edition in wraps.

The first edition has been seen in two different variations. The earlier book has 471 pages. The later book only has the first 379 pages.

The edition in wraps only has the first 313 pages of the hardcover books. All of the paperback issues by all the publishers are the same except for some color differences on the cover.

First edition- first issue (8.5 x 7)


First edition-second issue (379 pages)

Here is a salesman's sample (prospectus) for Peck's Bad Boy Abroad. The cover and the spine are noted below. This sample is for the first edition as it includes pages after number 379

In the back of the book is the summary page with the prices. Of note is the mention of a Library Edition, half leather, gold stamping for $2.25. This book has not been seen.

Found within this book is a four leaf pamphlet "Special Instructions to our agents How to Sell Peck's Bad Boy Abroad. This is a fascinating look into the maze modus operandi of the traveling book salesman. All four pages of this little pamphlet are shown below.


Second edition (7.75 x 5.75)

In wraps. This copy has Thompson advertisements but a Stanton and Van Vliet title page.

Charles C. Thompson Company, Chicago. 1909-1913
This publisher printed this title in one hard cover format (two issues) and one format in wraps. The earlier hardcover book has 379 pages whereas the later one only has 353 pages.

The paperback book has the usual 313 pages.

This wraps' copy is a Thompson and Thomas copy. Except for a few possible color variations, it is identical to the Charles C. Thompson version.

Stanton and Van Vliet Company, Chicago. (1917-1920's)
This company published this title in one hardcover and one paperback format. Both of these editions have 313 pages.

The earlier Stanton and Van Vliet books in wraps/ hardcover can be distinguished from the later book in wraps/hardcover. The later ones say Made in U.S.A. on the copyright page.

In wraps:



John R. Stanton Company (1920's)
This publishing house published this title in one wraps' format and one hardcover format. The formats are identical to the Stanton and Van Vliet Company books shown above.

David McKay, New York (ca. 1929)
McKay's Peck Series of four titles actually used the Stanton and Van Vliet Company dust jackets. The Stanton and Van Vliet name is on the base of the spine and on the ads on the back of the jacket. The book cover is slightly different from the Stanton and Van Vliet books however and McKay is at the base of the spine. It has 313 pages.

McKay did not print any Peck books in wraps.


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