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Comical Hits by Famous Wits

Comic Hits by Famous Wits was edited by Melville D. Landon and published by Thompson and Thomas. It includes numerous vignettes by the era's best known humorists, lecturers and writers. This book is a reprint of the first 615 pages of the 774 page Wit and Humor of the Age.

There are two other books that have the same contents up to a certain page number.

Hot Stuff by Funny Men has the first 546 pages and The Library of Wit and Humor has volumes that have the first 438, 546 or 615 pages of Wit and Humor of the Age.

All three of these books are identical up to a certain page number with Wit and Humor of the Age and undoubtedly used the same plates.

Seven George W. Peck vignettes are included in this volume. See below.

This book was published by Thompson and Thomas, Chicago. This firm was at the 267 Wabash Avenue address between 1890 and 1903. This book was published in 1900.

Robert W. Patton of Chicago copyrighted this title in 1900. I do not know what his relationship is to this volume.



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