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Peck's Bad Boy in an Airship 1908

The first book edition of this title was published in 1908 by Thompson and Thomas, a Chicago area book publisher. It had the copyright as of December 9, 1908. It was illustrated by Charles Lederer.

This title was previously published in serialized form beginning in August, 1908. W. G. Chapman held an earlier 1908 copyright and as a book agent with the International Press Bureau was responsible for syndicating this title in numerous newspapers.

Here is an ad announcing the Airship series to be published in The Pittsburgh Press. It is dated August 12, 1908.

Here is the April 23, 1909 column from The Virginia Enterprise (Virginia, Minnesota)

These serialized parts ran were published as late as November, 1909. Not infrequently they were published in a different chronological sequence as the book chapters. In addition some of the serialized columns were never published in book form.

This book was published by five different publishers. Each edition has 298 pages. The book was illustrated with numerous line drawn pictures by Charles Lederer. For more about the publishers click on their names.

Thompson and Thomas
Charles C. Thomas Company
Stanton and Van Vliet Company
John R. Stanton Company
David McKay Company

There are some discrepancies regarding the illustrations. The illustration list notes 30 pictures. In reality there are 41 line drawn pictures. The first edition has five illustrations on glossy paper which the later editions do not have. There is also one illustration by E. S. Groesbeck and one by R. W. Taylor. A number of the pictures have no attribution.

All editions after the first have the same 41 line drawn illustrations. The illustration list includes 29 of the forty-one pictures. It lists one glossy picture which as noted above is only in the first edition.

Thompson and Thomas, Chicago (1906-1908)
This firm published two known editions of this title in hardcover and one in wraps. Format examples are shown below.

The first book edition is 8.5 x 6.5. This format was published in 1908.

The second format was published in the 1908-1909 era.

Charles C. Thompson Company, Chicago (1909-1913)
This company published this title in one hardcover format and one format in wraps.

Stanton and Van Vliet Company, Chicago (1917-1920's)
This company published this title in one hardcover (7.75 x 5.75) and one paperback format.

The earlier books in wraps/ hardcover can be distinguished from the later book in wraps. The later ones say "Made in U.S.A." on the copyright page.



No Made in U.S.A. noted on copyright page


John R. Stanton, Chicago (1920's)
The books of this firm are identical to the Stanton and Van Vliet editions except that the spine of the book and the title page both note Stanton as the publisher.


David McKay, New York (ca. 1929)
McKay's Peck Series of four titles actually used the Stanton and Van Vliet Company dust jackets. The Stanton and Van Vliet name is on the base of the spine and on the ads on the back of the jacket. The book cover is slightly different from the Stanton and Van Vliet books however and McKay is at the base of the spine.

McKay did not print any Peck books in wraps.


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