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Peck's Irish Friend 1887

Peck's Irish Friend Phelan Geoheagan was published by Belford, Clarke and Company in 1887. It is 205 pages and is illustrated by True Williams. The book chronicles the adventure of Mr. Geoheagan and his friends and is told with an Irish dialect. Because of this dialect it is somewhat difficult to read and follow. This probably is the reason that it not one of the more popular Peck books.

This title was published by several publishers. Belford, Clarke printed the first edition in 1887.

Belford, Clarke and Company, Chicago 1887-1890 (First edition)
Donohue, Henneberry and Company, Chicago 1890
John W. Lovell Company, New York 1891
Frank F. Lovell & Company, New York
Morrill, Higgins and Company, Chicago 1892
W. B. Conkey and Company, Chicago 1893-1905
Homewood Publishing Company, Chicago 1902-1905

Belford, Clarke and Company, Chicago 1887-1890
The 1888 edition is the earliest I have seen. I am not sure whether this is the first edition or if there is a book with an 1887 title page. I suspect that the cover for any earlier edition is the same as the 1888 book. The 1889 and 1890 books formats are the same as the other Peck books by this publisher.

In 1888 the cloth book cost $1.00 and the book in wraps cost 25 cents.






Donohue, Henneberry Company, Chicago 1890
This firm published seven Peck books, including this title in 1890 in its Caxton Edition of 12 Mos.

John W. Lovell Company, New York 1891
Lovell published seven Peck books in its Oxford Edition Series. This series was introduced with 200 volumes in 1890. By the following year there were 254 titles.

The Peck books were numbered #232-238 and were published in 1891. This title was no. 237.

Peck's Irish Friend was also included in Lovell's Household Library in 1888.This book was number 84 in this series and was published in wraps.

Morrill, Higgins and Company, Chicago 1892
This publisher printed a number of Peck's books. Because of its short publishing history (1892-1893) they are extremely scarce. Peck's Irish Friend was Volume II, No. 8 in the Midland Library of Copyright Books. It was released on June 21, 1892. The books in this series cost 25 cents and were published in wraps.

W. B. Conkey and Company, Chicago 1893-1905
Beginning in 1893 this firm published the Peck books.

In 1893 in non series format seven Peck books including this title were published for 25 cents each.

Subsequently all the Conkey Peck's Irish Friend books were part of a series which was either in wraps or cloth. For more information click here.

In Wraps:
- White City Series (wraps) 1893
- Franklin Series (wraps) ca.1903
- People's Series-3 Formats (1895)
    a. wraps
    b. Half imitation Morocco-plain edges
    c. Half imitation Morocco- gold gilt top and edges

People's Series

Hard Cover Series
- Harvard Series (pre-1900)
- Copyright Series ca.1903
- New Abbey Series
- Humorous Series
(This title was published in several series which are unnamed)

Harvard Series


Copyright Series


New Abbey Series 1902 (Representative cover)

New Abbey Series 1904


Unknown series

Homewood Publishing Company, Chicago 1902-1905
This company published a number of Peck books in various series. These books are somewhat scarce. For information about this publisher, click here.
The Franklin Series contained seven Peck books including Peck's Irish Friend.


Unknown Series


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