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Author, Politician, Publisher, and Statesman

Masters of Mirth (and Eloquence)

This 570 page book is a reprint of Kings of the Platform and Pulpit. It was edited by Melville D. Landon and copyrighted in 1893.

George Peck's contributions to this book included a two page "biography and reminisces" as well as an eight page lecture to his "Brother Agriculturists".

The David B. Clarkson Company published edition was printed sometime after 1902. It appears that this publisher succeeded Clarkson and Cooper, another Chicago publisher, at that time.

Clarkson was born in Alabama in 1876 and became the proprietor of David B. Clarkson in 1902.

In 1906 a book Masters of Mirth and Eloquence was published by the Golden West Publishing Co., Seattle. I have not seen this book and am unsure whether it is identical to Masters of Mirth or not. The fact that both books have 570 pages makes it seem likely that they are the same.

Saalfield and Company also published an as of yet unseen book with the title Masters of Mirth and Eloquence.



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