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Peck's Publishers

George W. Peck's books were published by quite a number of different publishers. His work was extremely popular and although it was mainly printed in the United States, examples of foreign publishers are relatively easy to find.

Below is a list of Peck's publishers. Details regarding the publications and the firms can be found on this page as well as the Peck's Books' page.

Allied Printing, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Baker and Co., Buffalo
A. L. Bancroft Company, San Francisco
C. B. Beach, Chicago
Alexander Belford and Company, Chicago
Belford, Clarke and Company, Chicago
Butler Brothers, New York and Chicago
Caxton Publishing Company, Chicago
W. B. Conkey Company, Chicago
M. A. Donohue & Co., Chicago and New York
Donohue, Henneberry Company, Chicago
A (August) Geringer, Chicago
Geo. M. Hill Co., Chicago
Homewood Publishing Company, Chicago
Hurst and Company, New York
Jamieson Higgins Company, Chicago
James H. Lambert, New York
Frank F. Lovell and Company, New York
John W. Lovell Company, New York
Manhattan Publishing Company
David McKay Company, New York
McLoughlin Bros., Springfield, Mass.
Morrill, Higgins and Company, Chicago
Rhodes & McClure Publishing Co., Chicago
Russell Publishing Company, Albany, New York
Saalfield Publishing Company, Akron
John R. Stanton Company, Chicago
Stanton and Van Vliet, Chicago
Symes, Swain and Company, Milwaukee
Charles C. Thompson, Chicago
Thompson and Thomas, Chicago
Western Historical Society, Madison, Wisconsin
John C. Winston Co., Philadelphia and Chicago

London, England
Robert Davies, London
Dawson and Sons, London
Gay and Bird, London
Routledge and Sons, London

Canadian Subscription Company, Montreal
Musson Book Company, Toronto
Rose-Belford Publishing Company, Toronto
Rose Publishing Company, Toronto

E. W. Cole, Book Arcade, Melbourne, Australia

Carl Stephenson Publisher, Berlin, Germany

F. and G. Beijer, Stockholm, Sweden
Beijers, Stockholm, Sweden
Loostrom & Komp's Publishers, Stockholm

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