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Rose-Belford Publishing Company (1878-1883)

The Belford brothers emigrated from Ireland to Toronto in 1857. Charles Belford (1837-1880) was involved in the newspaper business and was editor of both The Leader and later the Toronto Mail. In 1876 he joined with his two brothers Alexander (Aleck) and Robert to form the Belford Brothers. This firm lasted two years and upon Charles' withdrawal because of ill health, the remaining brothers partnered with G. M. Rose in February, 1878 to form the publishing house of Rose-Belford.

Rose-Belford was best known for The Rose Library which was introduced in 1879. This was the first of a number of series of reprints.

George Maclean Rose (1829-1898) was a native of Scotland. His early training was as a printer. He was involved in the printing trade as a named partner in the Hunter Rose and Company firm. This firm carried on as a printer/publisher for a number of years.

In 1883 Rose-Belford firm was succeeded by the Rose Publishing Company. It failed in 1894.

There is evidence that this firm only published one Peck book: Peck's Fun.

The Peck's Fun shown here is a transition copy in which the title page imprint is Rose-Belford but the cover page imprint is the Rose Publishing Co. This was probably published in 1883. The Rose-Belford title page indicates an earlier 1881 publication exists. I have not seen that book.

This book is in wraps at 7 x 4.75. There are no illustrations. It has 248 pages.

It is exceedingly uncommon.


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