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E. W. Cole, Book Arcade, Melbourne, Australia

This Australian company published Peck's Bad Boy and His Pa. The book is 127 pages in wraps. It has numerous Peck stories. It includes the entirety of Peck's Bad Boy, No. 1 (XXXV chapters) as well as the first five vignettes from the Peck's Red-Headed Boy book. The latter book was first published by Jamieson Higgins in 1901. The exact publication date of this book is unknown but it is definitely 1901 or later.

Edward William Cole (1832-1918). He began as a Melbourne bookseller in 1865. He founded the Book Arcade in 1883. In addition to the Arcade, Cole had a book publishing line of which this book is an example.
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The books below published by Cole are sometimes attributed to George W. Peck. The three books however were written by Metta Victoria Fuller Victor 1831-1885 (pseudonym- Walter T. Gray). American publishers did not attribute these books to George W. Peck.

A Bad Boy's Diary
A Good Boy's Diary
Blunders of a Bashful Man

The Little Georgie pseudonym was used for this Fuller Victor book.


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