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Charles C. Thompson Co., Chicago (1909-1917)

In June of 1909 Charles C. Thompson Co. succeeded the Thompson and Thomas publishing firm. Thompson died in 1914 but his namesake publishing company continued until 1917. At that time it was purchased by its former president, John R. Stanton and C. H. Van Vliet, formerly president of the Whitman Company. The new firm was then called Stanton and Van Vliet Company.

This firm printed all of the same titles that Thompson and Thomas published.

Three combination books were published.

Peck's Bad Boy and His Pa and Compendium of Fun. (8.5 x 6.5)
This book included Peck's Bad Boy and His Pa, No. 1 and No. 2 as well as Peck's Sunshine.

Another combination book included Peck's Uncle Ike and the Red Headed Boy and Sunbeams.

A third combination book has the cover title of How Private Peck Put Down the Rebellion. The book contains the title story as well as the first 96 pages of Peck's Boss Book.

The Thompson and Thomas four first editions were reprinted in hardcover and wraps by the Charles C. Thompson Co. The hardcover books are in the same format as the last format of the Thompson and Thomas books. (7.75 x 5.5)

Two different title page imprints have been noted. The one that states Charles C. Thompson Co. (not inc.) is probably the earlier one. It is most likely that the other imprints with the Co. after Charles C. Thompson were printed after the firm incorporated. An example of the earlier title page is below. It is quite scarce.

Peck's Bad Boy Abroad
Peck's Bad Boy with the Circus
Peck's Bad Boy with the Cowboys
Peck's Bad Boy in an Airship


Earlier title page imprint


The titles in wraps have the same cover illustrations as the earlier Thompson and Thomas books and the later Stanton and Van Vliet publications. There are variations in the colors however.

Charles C. Thompson published three large comics:
Adventures of Peck's Bad Boy
Peck's Bad Boy and His Country Cousin Cynthia
Peck's Bad Boy and his Chums

It is unknown whether this firm published the four small comics that Thompson and Thomas previously printed. See



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