Author of Peck's Bad Boy

Author, Politician, Publisher, and Statesman

George Routledge and Sons, London

This firm published several George Peck books.

In 1887 it printed two formats of Peck's Bad Boy and His Pa. One in cloth which was part of the Routledge Caxton Novel Series and one in wraps.

In the 1890's Peck's Bad Boy and His Pa was #282 in the Sixpenny Novel Series.

Later (no earlier than 1901) Routledge also published a 111 page version of Peck's Red-Headed Boy as part of Routledge's Caxton Novels.

In 1935 Peck's Bad Boy and His Pa was reprinted by Routledge. This book is 347 pages.

In about 1934 or 1935 Routledge published Peck's Bad Boy. On the dust jacket it says "The Book of the Film". The jacket even pictures Jackie Cooper who had starred in the 1934 Peck's Bad Boy film. The book however has no relationship to the movie but is rather a reprint of Peck's Bad Boy and His Pa. There are two differences between this version and the previous ones by the American publishers. Chapter III. The Boy Gives His Pa Away is omitted and there are no illustrations. This format only has 160 pages as compared to the earlier American books with 196 pages. The difference in pages however is not just the absent chapter but also the smaller font in the Routledge book.

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