Author of Peck's Bad Boy

Author, Politician, Publisher, and Statesman

David McKay Company, New York

McKay published the same Peck titles that Stanton and Van Vliet Company and the John R. Stanton Company had printed previously. The earliest listings for these McKay Peck books that I have seen are in 1929 catalogues.

The format of McKay's combination Peck's Bad Boy and His Pa is different from the previous versions. This book includes the same three title as the other similar combination books: Peck's Bad Boy, No. 1, Peck's Bad Boy, No.2 and Peck's Sunshine. The book is 8. 25 x 5.75. There is a full cover appliqué on the cover that matches the picture of the dust jacket.

McKay's Peck Series of four titles actually used the Stanton and Van Vliet Company dust jackets. As can be seen below the Stanton and Van Vliet name is on the base of the spine and on the ads on the back of the jacket. The book cover is slightly different from the Stanton and Van Vliet books however and McKay is at the base of the spine.

McKay did not print any Peck books in wraps.

Peck's Bad Boy in an Airship
Peck's Bad Boy Abroad
Peck's Bad Boy with the Cowboys
Peck's Bas Boy with the Circus



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