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Peck's Sun

Peck's Sun was a hugely popular Milwaukee Newspaper. Here is the weekly edition for March 15,1884 (Volume X, No. XXXXI). Calling it a newspaper is probably not accurate since there is very little local or national news within it. And the "news" that is noted is put in very humorous light. Mostly Peck's Sun is a collection of various humorous stories and columns with the addition of numerous local advertisements.

Many wonderful patent medicine ads with claims of the successful treatment of virtually every condition known are found within this paper. Really it they not unlike those "convincing" arguments made today by many "practitioners" of alternative medicine. Today of course the ads are a little flashier but not any more believable (except to the naive). Iridology anyone??

This is a typical ad. Here is Dr. Williams who will cure your syphilis and gonorrhea. Amazing since Penicillin was not invented until 1928 - 44 years after Dr. Williams claim. He will even fix you by mail.

The Peck's Bad Boy and His Pa column is on the far left of the front page (above the fold).

February 17, 1883

Here is the Peck's Sun for Saturday, February 17, 1883. Note the Peck's Bad Boy column on the far left above the fold. This column, in its entirety, appeared in Peck's Bad Boy and His Pa as chapter 35 in the 1883 Belford, Clarke and Co. first edition. This is the penultimate chapter in the book.


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