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The San Pedro Rubber Plantation Company 1900

George W. Peck was the president of the San Pedro Rubber Plantation Company. This company incorporated in October, 1900. In a letter to potential investors he shares the reasons for this association.

All the correspondence I have seen regarding this investment is from 1901.

A long prospectus can be read at:;seq=1.

Here is a magazine ad in 1901. "Better than a gold mine"

This ad shows your return on investment. (Maybe)

The San Pedro Rubber Plantation was located in the State of Chiapas in Mexico.

The investor is asked to pay up to $198 per month and for that he/she gets an acre with two hundred trees which are cultivated for six years. Of course, the profits are "for certain".

A sample payment certificate is shown below.

The whole deal looks like a sham to me, but who knows??


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