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Peck's Bad Girl (1918)

Stereopticon slide advertising the movie

This movie is related to George W. Peck and his works in name only. Mabel Normand stars as Minnie Peck. This character causes various degrees of small town disasters with her antics. In the end however she saves the day foiling a bank robbery and in addition gets a marriage proposal. Clearly she is older than Peck's Bad Boy and her pranks a bit more sophisticated.

This silent movie ran for 50 minutes. It was directed by Charles Giblyn and written by Tex Charwate. It was produced by Samuel Goldwyn.

Other actors included Earle Fox, Edward Favor and Hortense Martinot.


Here is a trade card which advertises the Peck's Bad Girl Movie. This card most likely is from 1919. The movie was released in 1918 and the first Monday January 13th thereafter was in 1919.


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