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Peck's Bad Girl - 1959

This half hour sitcom premiered on May 5, 1959. Its short life only included fourteen episodes. This show's only relationship to George Peck and his works is that the star is mischievous and likes to play pranks. In many respects Jennifer Peck reminds me of a younger troublemaking version of Margie from My Little Margie.

Patty McCormack starred as Torey Peck.

The other characters are:
Wendell Corey - Steve Peck
Marsha Hunt - Jennifer Peck
Ray Ferrell - Roger Peck
Reba Waters - Francesca
Bernadette Withers - Jeannie

A promo for the show can be seen on youtube. Apparently several of the episodes are located in the UCLA film archives.


Photo promotion for the television series.



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