Author of Peck's Bad Boy

Author, Politician, Publisher, and Statesman

Stockwell's Bad Boy by L. A. Stockwell 1900

Wayland's Monthly was a monthly periodical published by J. A. Wayland, Girard, Kansas. It was mainly a vehicle to tout socialism and unionism.

Our interest is in the "Bad Boy". Of course, this is not a mischievous, prank-loving "Bad Boy" but rather "The Inquisitive" Bad Boy. Written by L. A. Stockwell, the 28 page article in this month's issue (December, 1900) consists of the "Bad Boy" asking his pa questions about the government, banks, the balance of trade, etc. and his pa answering the questions from a socialistic point of view.

Apparently Stockwell's Bad Boy also appeared in 1893 in Volume 1, Issue 3 of the Nonconformist Library. This was published by the Nonconformist Publishing Company. This book- Stockwell's Bad Boy was 141 pages. I have not seen this book so I am unsure how it is related to the 1900 article.

Peck's Bad Boy and most of the other Bad Boy's would be bored by this diatribe and probably terrorize these characters. Nonetheless here is another early Bad Boy.


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