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Author, Politician, Publisher, and Statesman

Charles Duran: or, the Career of a Bad Boy

This title was copyrighted and first published by Lane and Scott in 1850. The copy shown here was published by Carlton and Porter. This firm was in business between 1856 and 1868. This title was also published by Carlton and Porter's predecessor, Carlton and Phillips (1852-1856) and sold for 15 cents. All three of the firms were located in New York

Later copies were published by Phillips and Hunt (1879-1889) and most likely (but not certain) by Carlton and Lanahan( 1868-1872) and Nelson and Phillips (1872-1878)

The title page notes "by the author of the Waldos". The Waldos was written by Daniel Parish Kidder.

This 59 page book is rather morbid. There are no pranks or mischief. There is just the life of one vile young man. The story is told from the point of view of a religious onlooker who frequently cites religious and moralistic platitudes to explain the behavior of young Charles.

The book traces the life of Charles Duran from his birth to his death. It outlines how not to raise a child. Poor parenting of the insolent two year old Charles leads to lack of obedience in school and the inability to get along with others in his early years. Finally at the age of eighteen an alcohol binge causes a major illness which subsequently kills him.

As opposed to the other "Bad Boys" this one is more like the juvenile delinquents of the mid and late twentieth century who sport the "Bad Boy" name.


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