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Tommy Brown- Aitken Murray 1908

Tommy Brown is a bad boy book written in the first person with just enough misspellings and grammatical errors to make reading it annoying. It was published in the United States in 1908 in 12 mo. size by R. F. Fenno and Company in cloth for 75 cents and in wraps for 25 cents. The 157 pages highlight the simple thoughts and misadventures of the protagonist, Tommy Brown. From his annoyance with the new baby in the house to his efforts to shave a pimple of someone's chin, Tommy portrays an amusing, mischievous boy.

This Fenno edition of the title has no illustrations.

This title was originally published in Edinburgh in 1906 in a 16 mo. cloth version by Sands and Co. This first book edition was reprinted from the People's Friend. The latter publication was a weekly London journal of "Popular and Instructive Literature". John Leng and Co., a London publisher, also printed this title. Other editions in Dutch and Swedish were also published.




Here is a copy of the Dutch version of this book. It is undated.

The title as best I can translate is "Memoirs of a Naughty Boy". This 9 x 6 book has 197 pages and, as opposed to the book in English, has a frontispiece illustration.

It is published by J. A. Huneman in Amsterdam and is written in Dutch. It was translated by J. J. G. W. Wahlen.

Hugo Geber a Swedish publisher, in Forlag, Stockholm printed this title as well. "Tommy Brown, En Stygg Pojkes Memoarer"

Tommy Brown and Cokernut
This book is a sequel to Tommy Brown. It was also originally published in the People's Friend". This copy was published in 1907 by John Leng and Co., Ltd., a London Publisher. It is in wraps at 7 x 4.25.


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