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"Bad Boy" Series of Motion Pictures 1908

Not much is known about these short films. Apparently they were designed to be shown with the Peck's Bad Boy's set of stereopticon slides. The movies were shown between the chapters of the stereopticon show.

Here are the films of the Bad Boy Series:
A Cure for Love Sickness
Lamp Chimney Loaded
The Bad Boy Interrupts the Minister's Wooing
An Innocent Victim
A Ringer Joke, on His Pa
He Puts "A Head on His Pa"
A Good Shot
The Bad Boy Tries a Mechanical Experiment
The Old Gent and the Nurse in Trouble
The Washerwoman's Retreat

These short films ranged in price from $3-$6. Pretty expensive for this time.

The ads that describe these items were found in Sears, Roebuck and Co. catalogues. It appears that the Amusement Supply Company distributed 52 stereopticon slides and five films in 1907.


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