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Miscellaneous Bad Boy Films

There are a number of "Bad Boy" films that are not related to or based on Peck's Bad Boy. Some are shown below. This was a very popular genre and I am listing only the films that I am aware of that have "bad boy" in the title.

There are other movies with the "Bad Boy" in the title but do not appear to be about mischievous boys and pranks. They are not in the list below.

I have not seen any of these short movies. Information comes from various movie web sites.

The Bad Boy and Poor Old Grandpa (1897)
Summary: Grandpa is peacefully reading his newspaper, and the bad little boy creeps up behind and sets it on fire. This silent black and white movie was produced by the American Mutoscope Company

The Bad Boy's Joke on the Nurse (1901)
Summary: A young nurse is seated asleep on a bench with a small infant in her lap, while directly opposite her can be seen an old gentleman also snoozing. Two bad boys enter upon the scene, one gets a small log about the size of the child and places it in the nurse's lap and the other takes the child from the nurse, and lays it in the old gent's arms. In a few moments the old gent awakens and find the baby, nurse wakes up and misses her baby, and seeing it in the old gent's arms, seizes him and mops up the earth with him. A policeman marches them off to the station house. The picture is bound to provoke a great deal of mirth. This silent black and white film was produced by the Edison Manufacturing Company

The Bad Boy's Joke on the Nurse (1904)
This was a remake of the 1901 film with the same name.

Bad Boy and the Fruit Vendor
This short film was produced by the Edison Manufacturing Company. No other details are known.

Bad Boy and the Hod Carrier (1903)
Summary: Two boys are grinding a large instrument on a grindstone and finally walk off. Patsy Hooligan comes along and loading his hod with bricks, starts up the ladder. When half way up one of the boys returns and pulls the ladder down. Hooligan falls on him, and they engage in a hot scrap. (a "hod" is a container for carrying bricks or coal)

Gardener Sprinkling Bad Boy (1903)
Summary: A man is seen sprinkling the garden when a bad boy happens along and treads on the hose. The gardener looks into the nozzle, bad boy lets go and the water bursts out with such force as to almost throw him down. In discovering the one who caused the trouble, he chases and catches him and proceeds to give him a bath. Very funny, and somewhat exciting.

Bad Boy's Joke (1907)
This is an English silent film produced by the Urban Trading Company.

Bad Boy Billy (1915)
Summary: Tricks of a naughty boy and an intelligent dog. Directed by Charles Weston. It was produced in England by Piccadilly Film Productions.

Good Little Bad Boy (1917)
Directed by Vin Moore and starring Phil Dunham, Lucille Hutton and Charles Inslee. Produced by L-KO Kompany.


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