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Peck's Bad Boy (1921)

The first of the three full length Peck's Bad Boy movies was released in 1921 and starred Jackie Coogan. Coogan , of course, was quite well known after starring in Charlie Chaplin's, The Kid, earlier in 1921. This movie also was a silent feature.

Other actors included Wheeler Oakman as Dr. Martin, Doris May, Raymond Hatton, James Corrigan and Lillian Leighton.

It was directed by Sam Wood who wrote the film adaptation. Coogan, who is Henry Peck, emulates his namesake quite well with numerous pranks throughout the movie. Letting a lion loose and filling his father's pants with ants are just a couple of the humorous vignettes that take place in this movie. The movie is 65 minutes long.


Movie advertising flyers:
These little items are 7.5 x 3.5.


Postcard advertising the movie:

Tobacco Cards
Henry Clay and Bock & Co., Ltd., a Havana, Cuba cigar manufacturer, produced a number a card sets. A card was inserted inside a pack of Susini and Bock Ovalados Cigars.

The card sets that I have seen from this company are related to movies and the film industry. The cards shown here feature photographs from the Peck's Bad Boy movie which was released in 1921.

I do not know how many cards are in the set. The eight cards shown here are numbered between 15 and 26. They are 1.875" x 2.5".









Sheet Music:
This music by Paul M. Sarazan and copyrighted in 1921 by Irving Berlin was "dedicated to Jackie Coogan". It was based on the 1921 movie but was not part of the film in anyway. Below is the sheet music published in New York and in London.

The lyrics:
There's a man named Henry Peck, He lives in my home town. He goes to church and minds the law and leads a simple life. And no one ever heard him say a mean world to his wife. But Henry Peck's notorious he's known for miles around. He's got a reputation that he can't live down: When they missed the curfew bell, They all blamed Peck's bad boy. He never missed a chance to give his sister's beau a shock. He stuck pins in the big settee and hid inside the clock. And when someone discovered that his cow was painted red. He used some awful language, then laughed and said. Chorus Because of Peck's Bad Boy too young to read or write; but Peck's Bad Boy, was scheming day and night, to get real joy, When he could play most all his pranks and get away with out his spanks. Not one red cent , and still he got inside the circus tent. He used to hang around the grocery store, and eat the profits of a day or more. The grocer used to roar at Peck's Bad Boy, Just like a bag of tricks, was Peck's Bad Boy, When he was in a fix he'd say Oh! Boy, I'm gonna fall like Troy. Altho' the neighbors said he was a pest, they really wished that they'd been bless'd with Peck's Bad Boy, That's what they always call'd him, Peck's Bad Boy.


Below are some scenes from the movie.


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