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Peck's Bad Boy Cigars

Peck's Bad Boy Cigars utilized the Bad Boy, His Pa and several other characters for advertising their cigars. As of this time I have seen blotters, cards, a booklet and an envelope.

There were 15 different cards and 15 different blotters. The souvenir booklet shown below includes 16 vignettes. It is unclear at this time which vignette in the booklet is not part of the 15 card/blotter set. Each card/blotter on its reverse has a different short tale about Peck's Bad Boy or one of the characters he associated with.

The cards are numbered based on the order they are found within the book. The cards and blotters have no numbers. But I will use this numbering for displaying them.

1. Peck's Bad Boy and the Groceryman
2. The Bad Boy and His Girl
3. His Pa Goes Calling and Gets Full
4. Pa Grabbed Her by the Polonaise
5. The Gun Reared Up
6. His Pa is 'Nishiated
7. His Pa is 'Nitiated
8. Just as I Am
9. "Stop Her," Says Pa, "I've Got a Whale".
10. Nothin' the Mazzer with Me, Pet
11. His Pa Fights Hornets
12. Looking for the Bad Boy
13. His Ma Appears on the Scene
14. Looking for the Bad Boy
15. His Pa Dances the Can-Can
16. A New Way of Taking Seidletz Powders

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